With lifestyles and professional demands continually evolving, owning or living in a home as a long-term proposition is becoming less of a priority for many. This may seem to make owning or planning for a dream garden difficult and, for renters, not a wise investment.For those of you with a small outdoor space to plan for, there are many great design ideas and products that can allow you to design and create your own private dream garden that can move with you if required. That includes feature plants and pots, water features, screens, furniture and even garden walls. In fact, smaller courtyard spaces can be almost fully transportable apart from the floor surface and some larger, established trees.

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Dry, sunny and wind-swept places in the garden often pose a challenge for the home gardener. But extra watering to keep plants alive in those places is a waste of your time and resources. Beyond planting drought-tolerant plants, I also encourage you to think about how you can design a space that takes advantage of full sun.
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