The roof above your head

The roof above your head – arguably our most important human possession, and yet how many of us know about proper construction and upkeep?

More homeowners are opting for modern architecture characterized by strong horizontal lines, large, expansive windows, and flat roofs. While visually striking, some homeowners have doubts about the flat roof’s ability to withstand harsh windy equatorial rainfall.

Just this past Christmas holiday, residents in Entebbe were woken from their sleep to the sound of loud bangs and shaking beneath their feet. What they were experiencing is called a “thunderstorm.” Tropical rainforest climates have no pronounced summer or winter; it is typically hot and wet throughout the year and rainfall is both heavy and frequent. Some homeowners with faulty or unreliable flat roofs may have heard the sound coming from above. Flat roofs can be susceptible to water collection that can gather and stagnate in water pools.

The pools can cause serious damage to your home, but with proper construction and insulation, you can sleep assured knowing that the roof above your head can withstand the heaviest down pour.




This residential in Bwerenga, off Entebbe road at Kawuku trading centre was entrusted to Grey Oak Custom Homes Division to design and build 1,800 square-metre modern home overlooking Lake Victoria. The owners are at ease knowing that the home’s flat roof – an element key to establishing the long, low profile typical of modern architecture – is engineered by a company that had constructed much larger commercial structures with similar roofs. Assurance that your home is built to the highest standards is one benefit of hiring a construction company that has design expertise in both the Custom Homes and Commercial divisions. All custom features are built by skilled trades, a resource at the heart of Grey Oak, and one that these homeowners put to the test.

This modern family living home has been sited tight against the rear boundaries so as to maximize views and orientation thereby creating an expansive lake facing garden and pool area which flows directly off the main living and entertaining zones of this stylish and contemporary home.

Materials used include a copper clad front door, grey granite, porcelain tiles, meranti timber paneling and oak timber floors as well as a unique “Rheinzinc” steel clad feature wall in the family room which highlights both the reflective and receptive nature of this contemporary yet comfortable home.




“A lot of people are afraid of putting in a flat roof,” says the owner, “But Grey Oak consulted and plans to hire a professional roofing company within its network that’s used to doing 150,000-square-metre flat roofs. Those roofers know what they are doing and will do it right.”

Andrew Young

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