The Prodigy Scheme

Every year, Grey Oak looks for and takes on a single student from design or engineering related disciplines enrolled at any design school around the East Africa or a fresh graduate. This is done to enable students or budding professionals access more knowledge and support from Senior Engineers and Architects through this scheme. We are therefore offering young design professionals the opportunity to talk freely and learn from senior staff or bringing together people from different areas of the colleges and Universities to exchange ideas, or even experience another discipline through mentoring.


So do any of the following apply to you?

You have a passion for architectural visualization.

You want to see how design professionals work together in the same environment.

You want a fresh perspective, guidance or inspiration?

People development is at the heart of our business and research shows that showing, not telling is the most effective way of learning behaviours; this is the Grey Oak way. So it’s vital for the future of the company that senior staff lead the way for juniors, passing on the mantle and promoting the sort of tacit knowledge that comes through years of design excellence.


Our successful candidates for the prodigy scheme will be helped by

Providing an independant, confidential, non-judgemental ear

Passing on knowledge and expertise

Bringing a fresh perspective – someone to bounce ideas off

Growing their design skills and techniques

Seeing ‘the bigger picture’

Assisting with identifying strengths and weaknesses

Supporting their decision making

Giving them a push, some confidence or sharpening their focus

“From my own experiences I know how valuable insight can be from people who have done it all before. Students repeatedly tell us that the support they value most comes from other experienced people. So this company is dedicated to providing a single and cohesive mentoring network.”   –  Andrew Young


This Prodigy Scheme is most helpful to students who have a passion for Architectural Visualization and wish to improve or showoff their skill and techniques. We want to encourage any such people to send their best project and a cover letter via email to A panel of experienced jurors will assess your project. Only one promising candidate shall be taken on every year from the pool. We are confident that in the years ahead this number will increase significantly.


Grey Oak staff work alongside the students to improve access to, and stimulate the demand for being competitive in the design market.

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