Letter From The Board


As African economies continue to grow, huge opportunities exist in development of office, retail space, master plan developments, hotels, apartments and homes. A home is the biggest investment the average person is likely to make in their lifetime. It is a means through which we can provide stability for our children so as to grow their sense of dignity, belonging, inclusion and pride. Therefore a house will do more than just put a roof over our head.
The production of appealing but sustainable building design is a task that occurs on a day to day basis, as people are in the process of making structures for their individual activities each day.
Statistics show that the most widespread structures being done at any single time may be the construction and building of residences as these are a basic need. Hence within our regional context, house plans in East Africa certainly are a big deal and form the most common building type that individuals developing any form of real estate will do.
Still as a first time owner or developer, the challenges of accessing optimal and timely information on project options can keep you from seizing this opportunity. Furthermore, any foray into property development can indeed be a daunting undertaking. All the processes involved in getting engineering designs, financing and other statutory requirements take a lot of your time and energy and soon your drive to get the project done can be drained and die altogether.
Residential projects are a great achievement and therefore significant assets that require an associate who understands your needs and makes the process simple & easy. We want to hold your hand through the process as you work towards seeing your investment come to life.

The Developers: The Diaspora Investor: Corporate firms

Our target audience is individuals or companies who wish to realize the full potential of their land which they deem viable for housing projects. Our team of professionals wishes to add value by showing you the full potential of each project in terms of aesthetics, project planning and management. Housing projects only take on significant meaning when they satisfy all the principles of quality design; beauty, functionality and affordability.
Constructing house plans into finished homes requires developers and building professionals alike to approach these developments with a view towards affordable building design and technologies. Grey Oak’s multi-disciplinary team (architecture, engineering and surveying) is uniquely qualified to tackle this home design challenge. Our committed expert team has lots of ideas and best-in-class experience that is second to none in the industry.
It is therefore our hope that ‘New Homes’ will become one of East Africa’s front runners in making a positive impact for developers and companies that wish to provide housing solutions.
Our clients will be able to visualize their investments and proposed developments much easier, clearer and faster using our 3d walk through animations and architectural impressions that in-turn will make it easier to source funding or market their projects. We will continue to provide easily accessible, quick, and reliable hands on advisory services and product designs in our catalog.


On the flip side, we have another audience we have dubbed the Young Design and Engineering Professionals (YDEP) – graduate or students enrolled in design school/institutions around East Africa who connect with us through The Prodigy Scheme. We understand that there is a great need among the YDEP community for organizations, institutions and companies that instill feelings of personal growth, entertainment and inclusion in order to foster and provide a backbone which is crucial in supporting the pillars of sustainable growth and personal development. Therefore the Prodigy Scheme was engineered for individuals who have an emotional attachment to design/engineering excellence and wish to be exposed to sustainable and affordable development of residential buildings.
We additionally post information on design/engineering competitions and scholarships available all over the world that will help our YDEP’s sharpen their teamwork and design skills. We encourage them to take on such opportunities as part of their building futures initiative to acquire first-hand experience and bestows confidence that comes with working with different minds from various regions, diverse culture, and education levels with views and solutions from around the world.

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