Letter From The Team

New Homes
We understand that in choosing where you live only the best should do, that’s why we have developed ‘New Homes’; a service dedicated to individuals be it young professionals’ or newly marrieds striving for growth, happiness, and satisfaction under a roof they call their own but are restricted by a lack of information about available mortgages and loans or the best quality options of properties available on the market and or are dissatisfied with the current services offered on the market by their architects, engineers, associated builders, contractors and property developers.
Grey Oak’s aspiration is to become the one-stop center for comprehensive advice about home building. This we will achieve through our partnership with PKPF, East Africa’s premier home-loan/ mortgage financing consultants and Tekton Works Service Limited, builders specializing in timely delivery, affordability and creativity.
It is our hope that this will motivate and help our target group as they aspire to build their dream homes. The “Grey Oak Difference” is a term our company stands by to show our clear commitment to our clientele. To us it means we continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and industry associates through our continued promise to be prompt, courteous and serve efficiently as we champion a new era of information sharing. We shall always provide the highest possible level of quality solutions and information on every project that we undertake and remain devoted to providing the best possible client experience.

Houzz and Pinterest
In personalizing designs, we have found it faster/easier relating to our clients dreams and wishes through the character of images they share. They give us an idea and feel of the final product and we in turn spread these wishes throughout the project. We therefore encourage you to take full advantage of Houzz idea-books and Pinterest boards. We will in turn continue to keep our pages up-to-date on the latest home finishing and furnishing. Find links at the bottom right corner of this page.
By choosing Grey Oak, you are choosing a level of quality and care that is unparalleled in our industry because our aim is to be the clear choice in providing the best possible solutions for your home design.

Cate Namyenya
Customer Relationship Manager/Co-Founder

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