For housing project developers and investors around East Africa who value delivering great quality and functioning living spaces for their clients, Grey Oak is your premier architecture/Engineering solutions firm that delivers unique and marketable designs.



This company was borne out of the desire to use design to enrich people’s lives. Our vision is to provide researched alternatives through shared knowledge, new ways to solve design, engineering and financial challenges presented by our built environments using CAD software.
In the next 5 years, we hope to have an experienced and knowledgeable team with relevant skills collaborating across 3 offices in Kampala, Kigali and Bujumbura while harnessing exceptional design ideas and solutions for our ever growing network of clients.
Within 10 years, we hope to be a key player in housing project development and investment.


To unlock the full potential of quality housing project development in Africa through revolutionizing the Design Value Chain.


To champion ever evolving bold ideas through risk taking and intuitive design thinking, challenging the status quo and provide a source of inspiration through our work.


At Grey Oak’s very core is the belief that our partners and competitors wish to see and live in happy, stress-free, creative and environmentally friendly communities. Through knowledge transfer, harnessing creativity, information sharing and strategic partnership, we know that there will be a tremendous impact in the way we all design and build for and in the future.


Grey Oak’s commitment to address environmental, social and economic challenges through design excellence is central to the practice ethos. As a sign of our commitment, we have partnered with PKPF Consultants ( – an independent mortgage brokerage firm and the result is “New Homes” an open-source service for those who wish to own their first home or a house to call their own. It is an assembly of house plans with their 3D perspectives, summaries of their financial and legal procedures, all available financing and building materials packages or deals available tagged with their eligibility criteria’s all freely accessible.

We envision a pivot in the market trends where organizations or parents can buy house plans tagged to a financing option and material supplies as a packaged gift for their employees or children respectively as encouragement or support.

We specialize in drawing success stories for our clients and what makes us unique is our proven ability to achieve highly customized design solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. We strive to be a valued, long-term partner to each client.

Cate Namyenya

Our Team

  • Victoria Kiconco
  • Michael Wateya
  • Jjuuko Kwagala
  • Phillip Kiyemba
  • Newell Luyamba
  • Ibrahim Lubwama
  • Joshua Rukundo
  • Jonathan Ninsiima
  • Martin Emilu
  • Wilfred Mugisha
  • Dianah Komugisha
  • Linda Ankunda
  • Cate Namyenya


Grey Oak was established in Uganda in 2008 as home based business. The company now operates from two offices and will expand to serve the emerging market in Rwanda and Burundi.

Excellence, Innovation and Inspiration by Design.

Philip Kiyemba

Grey Oak’s design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages a multidisciplinary team approach to solving challenges in our built environment.

Our areas of consultancy are centred around:
• Housing Developments
• Lighting Design
• Landscape / Xeriscape Design
• Refurbishment & Renovation Planning
• Leisure & Entertainment Planning

With strong support from a vibrant and creative Interior Design Department, the company can provide a holistic interpretation to architecture, where the smallest part conveys the truth of the whole. Furthermore, Grey Oak has recently established an Urban Design and Master Planning Department.

Eclecticism, Surrealism and Ethereality through 3D Visualization

Jjuuko Kwagala

It is not fair to mention what we do without a word from our 3D visualization division. Like the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’, our speciality is bringing design concepts to life using the modern marvels of 3D animations. We partner with design students enrolled in architecture school to learn new ways and techniques of creating stunningly beautiful 3D renderings. This is the backbone to engaging our passion through exposure to projects that allow for creativity and exceptionally well defined and detailed spaces. Do visit our YouTube channel.


  • Mr. Harish Bhuptani, MD. Lasting Impressions

    With this company's knowledge of International Manufacturers, they were able to source and procure interior items for our new showroom at Clement Hill. They are able to offer the widest choice of goods locally to suite their design ideas. This is where I believe that Grey Oak excels at accountability and performance in the procurement process. Their guideposts are simple concepts, yet demanding in execution; best price, best quality, and on-time delivery.

  • Mr. Suresh Patel, Prayosha Enterprises

    Having worked with Grey Oak on the cladding, renovation and refubrishment of a multitude of Buildings in Kampala, they showed an exceptional ability to work through the complexities of multi-phased projects. The team at Grey Oak works in a collaborative manner and is proactive in presenting solutions within the spirit of a project's overall design intent. This collaborative attitude is essential to a positive construction experience. Their attention to detail and focus on craftsmanship is especially beneficial for those owners seeking to create inspired buildings.

  • Dr. Dan Twebaze, Twed Consulting Limited

    Grey Oak is a design firm specializing in upscale residential projects in and around Kampala. It has implemented numerous projects of ours. This firm’s work has been detailed oriented, precise and timely while producing top quality finishes. As Designers, they have proven themselves as problem solvers who know how to get the job done. We highly recommend them.

  • Mr. Christopher Mutalya, Apak Group of Companies

    Over the last three years, we have worked on and continue to work with Grey Oak. Its team does a great job of finding issues before they become problems, and they navigate the trying process of construction supervision with skill and good nature - not something found on most design sites. We trust them to bring the proposed designs into reality with sensitivity to both the architectural detail and quality we demand and the budgetary and our schedule needs. Grey Oak has our highest recommendation.

  • Engineer Faakhir Saeed, Atcon International

    Working with Grey Oak gives you reassurance. They are proactive, positive and professional fellow consultants in the industry. We were extremely pleased with the BOQ’s you produced for Kibuli and Masaka Hospitals’ and would certainly like to use you again on future tenders... We look forward to you working with us again in the future. Please pass on our thanks to Michael and your team for your efforts in such a tight turnaround. Should we require further take-offs in the future we will have no hesitation to use you again. Much appreciated!

  • Mr. Harshard Barrot, Tirupati Development

    Exceptional work and delivered ahead of schedule! In an industry when meeting deadlines is critical to making sales – you have excelled. We are delighted with what you have presented.

  • Mr. Dhaval Barrot , Masomo Industries

    We are grateful for Grey Oak's dedication to our building projects especially the Tecno Centre in Juba. We could not have asked We are grateful for Grey Oak's dedication to our building projects especially the Tecno Centre in Juba. We could not have asked for a better firm. Our every need was met and did so with unusual knowledge of all the different options and with a smile.for a better firm.  Our every need was met and did so with unusual knowledge of all the different options and with a smile.

  • Mr Obadiah Ntebeikaine, Bushenyi United Company Limited

    Not only was Grey Oak involved in the design of our Country Home, but our entire shopping complex too. The firm was easy to work with; able to take the various needs of many different people and put them all together to help us design a highly successful and award winning country home. I believe anyone considering Grey Oak would find that they had made a great choice if they decide to have them oversee their project.


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