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In 2011, Night Rose Kalumba decided to leave her rented shop in Kiyembe, a city suburb where she was a tailor She had realised her business had started losing market as customers had stopped flooding in like it was the case before.
Kalumba then decided to focus her energies somewhere else. “I had half an acre of land in Kasubi on Hoima Road. By the time I left Kiyembe I had saved Shs10m so I resolved to use this money to build rentals.”
She resorted to building rentals because, “Building rentals is a Iong time investment that you will never regret. I built my houses with the intention of helping me to educate my children, pay my bills, and look after me in my old age which I have pretty well succeeded in. I now pay school fees for my grandchildren and have also built a tailoring shop although it is not well,” Kalumba explains.

Make your rentals profitable

The look of the house
Kalumba says the more you take good care of your rentals, the more people will yarn for them.
She adds that you need to always make sure that your houses are in good shape with proper services such as electricity and water.

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