When thinking about constructing a home, many people buy a 50 x 100 feet plot as the first step towards this accomplishment. Then comes the uphill part of sourcing funding for an architect and construction company to carry out the building works for the beautiful compounds and huge living rooms and master bedrooms we all dream of living in. Here are a few pointers to maximize the space a 50 x 100 feet lot provides.

Hire an architect

Architects have the skill and expertise to get you what you want and so they should be a part of the whole project from planning to completion. An architect will help you avoid errors that might lead to demolitions, re-works and wrong interpretation of drawings as well as help you come up with more cost saving ideas. 

Go Vertical

The best way to get a spacious house on a 50 x 100 is to build vertically instead of horizontally. 



30 : 70 ration

When planning for the compound here is a helpful ration. 30% built area and 70% for landscaping and parking. 

Maximize the use in-built shelving

Adding shelves to your house will save you a lot of space. Shelves come in handy when it comes to storing stuff at home. You can add shelves in the kitchen, corridors bedrooms, store and anywhere else you may need to. 


Grey Oak